Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meow from the Editor: Introductions

 Lastochka, Editor-in-Chief

Hello, this is your Editor-in-Chief meowing. I believe that since I run this show, a proper introductions are in order.

My name is Lastochka and I am in charge of the publications on this blog and subsequently in charge of this publishing house.

An exotic Russian beauty of roughly 3 years, I don an exquisite silky Grey Tuxedo. I also wear tastefully glamorous make-up which has inspired a now famous bunch of ads inquiring whether you have milk. My name is a Russian word for "swallow bird" but the reason it suits me was because it shares the root with another word, lastitsya which means "to ask for tenderness". I was craving some love when I was first adopted from the Toronto Humane Society, hence the name. Most of my past is shrouded in mystery but my sophistication, manners and intelligence hint to a noble upbringing. I've been selected among many highly eligible candidates to run this publishing house.

I am a very careful sophisticated lady. Weird strangers, noises and places don't interest me and I avoid them with caution. My safe place is under the protection of beds but when the coast is clear I love to lounge on them! I even have special blankets in my favourite spots to accommodate my fancy furs.

I am very health conscious, dining on only the finest brands and making sure I rotate my diet to include raw meat, yummy canned food and special dry food to maintain an impeccable dental hygiene. I also love to munch on some grass and house plants. On occasion I pamper myself with grooming and somehow always let my hoomins convince me to get my mani-pedi and brush my teeth. Not the most fun affair but I always get yummy treats in the end. Win!

Despite my classy statue I also love to show my fun side. I often do my sprinting exercises towards bedtime and large pot plants are definitely my vice. Just have to get around the pesky sticky tape. Windows are also fun even when there's nobody and nothing outside! I love fresh air but with hot stuffy summers windows stay shut.

On the less busy days when I'm not proofreading the blog articles or approving research topics, hold meetings with my staff or play educational exercise games with them, I simply enjoy some peace and quiet catnaps.

 The life of a successful business lady-cat

I greatly enjoy reading your letters so please leave comments and send us messages! We also accept tips, advice, personal experiences on topics mentioned in the articles and questions.


  1. Hey, Lastochka, and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. We are impressed to meet an international traveller.

  2. Hey there, thanks for stopping by! How do you like what I've done with the place, mrr? =^.^=

  3. A hearty welcome from this stunning ghetto cat. I see you came from Toronto but now live in Jersey City. Guess what? I was BORN in Jersey City and came from a rescue there. I blog once or twice a week so stop by when you're in the neighborhood. BTW, do you have a twitter acct?

  4. Lastochka , it's very nice to meet you and learn about your life. Clearly you have trained your humans to very high standards.

    Oliver & Gerry