Thursday, May 26, 2011

Take Your Pet to Work Day

Check out the poster and help out!

Pet owners everywhere! June 26th has been declared a (virtual) Take Your Pet to Work Day! Support the Liberty Humane Society by donating $15 and receive a framed printed picture of your darling to take to work with you.

Other ways to help out:

Have other ideas on how you can contribute? Post a comment, contact me or visit the LHS website.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: Royal Canin MEDI CAL Dental Dry and Royal Canin INDOOR Adult 27

There's a heated debate going on about dry food and whether pets should or shouldn't be allowed to eat it. While I am a strong supporter or feeding my sunshine wet food, I do feed her dry food as well. I will explain my reasoning in another post but here is my review of the dry food I give my kitties - Royal Canin. Read on and you just might be surprised.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gift Idea: Page-A-Day Calendar

Doing the happy dance!

Everybody knows how hard it is to please a cat. Incidentally it is also pretty hard to please a cat lover. Here's an excellent gift idea that is bound to get on the purring side of any feline and their lovers!

Workman Publishing does an excellent job of photographing the cats, finding inspirational quotes, interesting facts and goofy captions, guaranteed to brighten anyone's day. I have been a loyal customer for three years now and every day is just that much better because it starts with flipping over to a new adorable face!

The calendars come in two varieties. One is a simple calendar on a plastic stand with rip-away pages. The second is a premium version, with larger images on a higher quality thick glossy paper with a nice transparent stand to boot. Both would make an excellent gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Have Workman's Page-A-Day Calendar? Share your story and other creative gift ideas in comments!

Cookie Dough

Hi, Internet! I'm fostering*!
Cookie Dough (front) and my kitty at a rare moment of truce.

Melnais Kaķis (Black Cat) Cafe

A touch of the Black Cat
There is a quaint little cafe on the first floor of an old building, built in 1906. Its dimmed lights set the mood and sweet desserts offer a treat for the curious. Located in the Old City at the heart of antiquity, the cafe derives its name from the building it's in, crowned with two black cats with arched backs, ready to pounce.

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee one might be surprised to find themselves not in a sidewalk cafe of Paris but in the heart of the Old City of Riga, the capital of Latvia. Built over a 100 years ago in the city often lovingly referred to as Little Paris, this art nouveau building has a peculiar story of its own.

In one of the popular versions the owner of the building, a wealthy Latvian merchant, was denied membership at The Great Guild - an exclusive German theatre located across the street from his building. Offended and enraged, the merchant decided to publicly express his dislike by affixing two black cats, bearers of misfortune, on top of his building with their backs arched and puffed tails. Their behinds were turned towards the theatre in a tasteful gesture of insult.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Habitat for Zoomanity

Habitat for Zoomanity. Reconfiguration and Housing Upgrade Campaign at Liberty Humane Society.

As I have mentioned in my later post, I volunteer at the Liberty Humane Society animal shelter and I sit on their Development and PR committees. The shelter is running a great campaign to upgrade the "habitats" of its residents, raising $500 for cat enclosures and $1,500 for kennels. While individual contributors rarely can afford to donate such a large amount, we can still help!

Friday, May 13, 2011


 Cheap alternative to overpriced pet food bowls.

One of the very obvious accessories for all pets, cats including, is the food bowls. One for water and one for serving the food. Here are some things to consider while browsing the isles.