Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cookie Dough

Hi, Internet! I'm fostering*!
Cookie Dough (front) and my kitty at a rare moment of truce.

So I've managed to convince myself (and my boyfriend) to foster a poor soul from Liberty Humane Society where I am a volunteer. I was eager to lend them a hand during a busy overcrowded season and had brought home an adorable face that I saw sleeping in a hammock. (My boyfriend had to approve but they are all so adorable!)

A disclaimer I must bring up is that I already have been adopted by another sweetheart and she is quite a character. (I will be bringing her quirky lovable sides from time to time) This presented a slew of challenges although I was prepared to face those from the get go.

Many people agree to foster a cat to "just try it out," but unless they are prepared to share a place with another family member (albeit possibly a temporary one) the experience turns out to be a disaster and can be very off-putting. Whether fostering, adopting or simply cat-sitting, one must be prepared to share space and learn to earn acceptance from the feline.

*For those interested in adopting this adorable creature or want to support her please contact me or comment.

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