Saturday, May 14, 2011

Habitat for Zoomanity

Habitat for Zoomanity. Reconfiguration and Housing Upgrade Campaign at Liberty Humane Society.

As I have mentioned in my later post, I volunteer at the Liberty Humane Society animal shelter and I sit on their Development and PR committees. The shelter is running a great campaign to upgrade the "habitats" of its residents, raising $500 for cat enclosures and $1,500 for kennels. While individual contributors rarely can afford to donate such a large amount, we can still help!

I encourage everyone to chip in at least a little bit and together we can raise enough money to give a furry feline a comfy new home! Use the Chip In widget on this page or in the sidebar to contribute towards this great cause. As a bonus, the new cat enclosure will bear a plaque, recognizing the readers' efforts!

Own a business or know someone who does? Contribute and the name of the business will be recognized on the plaques of enclosures/kennels it helped acquire.

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