Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: Royal Canin MEDI CAL Dental Dry and Royal Canin INDOOR Adult 27

There's a heated debate going on about dry food and whether pets should or shouldn't be allowed to eat it. While I am a strong supporter or feeding my sunshine wet food, I do feed her dry food as well. I will explain my reasoning in another post but here is my review of the dry food I give my kitties - Royal Canin. Read on and you just might be surprised.

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I was visiting the vet for the annual check-up and she noted that my sweetie's teeth were all dirty, covered with tartar, and the gums were sickly reddish-pink instead of healthy pale pink. The vet expressed concerns about the state of the mouth and recommended to try the veterinarian formula from Royal Canin - MEDI CAL Dental Dry. While I don't believe that dry food cleans the teeth by the nature of being dry food, this special formula contains polyphosphate blend, which helps clean the tartar. I have to admit that I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of the formula, thinking that it's all a marketing scam and the vet was in on it too. However, I couldn't brush the kitty's teeth daily (as was suggested to me earlier) and I also felt sorry for bugging her (she HATES it), so I decided to give this a try - the consequences of not doing it sounded awful and promised all sorts of scary diseases in the near future. To my surprise the food really did work. In the matter of weeks the teeth were pearly white and gums were back to healthy pale pink colour.

One caveat is that I rotate the food regularly - switching from dry to can to raw - which could explain why I did not notice any negative effects everyone is always worried about. The cat had not gained any weight and remained her healthy energetic self. I also did not notice any change in her fur (stayed nice and glossy, and EVERYWHERE), or any other visual "red flags."

A little while ago I have moved to a different city and no longer had access to my vet where I used to purchase the dry food. I didn't realize that I used to feed my sweetie the special veterinarian formula, so after the move I have set out looking for it at the local pet shop. When I failed to find the familiar pink bag, I was very upset but decided to give Royal Canin brand a try and settled on their INDOOR Adult 27 dry food because my adult cat is kept strictly indoors and offered the dental health benefit I was looking for.

I continue to switch between various foods to provide some variety and avoid any unnecessary side effects of prolonged diet of specific food.

I urge you to switch to the healthier cat food as soon as possible! Or order a smaller 3-pound bag to give it a try. For the special formula, consult your veterinarian to find out which one is the best for your cat.

Have your own success story or want to share experience you've had with Royal Canin? Let everyone know in the comments!


  1. MY girl eats Royal Canin dry fuds..the especialy aromatic one for fussy felines. She ate Royal Canin wet fuds too but has asked me for her usual as well. But RC dry is her only dry now for months.

  2. I am glad to hear it, Admiral! Have you noticed any particular visible or health improvement since switching? I'm curious to see how well the stuff their marketing campaigns say works.

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