Friday, May 13, 2011


 Cheap alternative to overpriced pet food bowls.

One of the very obvious accessories for all pets, cats including, is the food bowls. One for water and one for serving the food. Here are some things to consider while browsing the isles.

Plastic [too light and may be dangerous]. While this may be a very cheap (even free) alternative, plastic bows are not a great idea. They will be too light and move around while the kitty is eating and may even be dangerous due to the paint dyes escaping into food.

Cute pet food bowls [expensive]. While they are absolutely adorable and may even come certified to be same for pets, these are often very expensive.

Plain ceramic bowls [perfect]. These plain ceramic bowls can be found in any store at the cookware department. They are dishwasher/microwave/stove safe to be used for cooking human food so that should work well for pets too. Also, ceramic is a pretty heavy and sturdy material, allowing the bowls to remain in place during the frenzied noms!

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