Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Food Rotation

 Imagine the headache.

As humans we love variety, especially in food. Cats, forever the habitual creatures, on the other hand beg to differ.

As personal record, mainly due to lack of time and laziness, I have managed to eat the same meal daily for three days before ordering takeout (which arguably was worse). So it is very common for us to want to diversify the food of our pets too. It seems only natural to want to rotate different meals to ensure that as many of necessary and useful nutrients are consumed as possible.

This is often not the case with cats. Cats love stability and routine and absolutely do not mind eating the same delicious meal for days on end. I have been told by a vet over at Dufferin and Steels Animal Hospital that as long as the food consists of properly balanced diet then cats don't care and don't need meal changes (which could save many the headache and money).

While I agree with the vet's suggestion, here is my personal take on the issue. My sweetie has been fed a raw diet exclusively for the first year of our cohabitation and I noticed that after a while, once the novelty of this new food wore off, her appetite has died down and often it became difficult to convince her to eat at all. I could not figure out what happened and then decided to switch the kind of raw meat she's been eating (beef remains her favourite, much to my confusion) - it worked like a charm! The appetite was back and food was gone within minutes, saving me time and worrying.

Another example is the current situation at home. Dry food isn't really exciting as it turned out so now the daily portion is being consumed in almost two days! The kitty is a hefty little monster so I am not very worried about her weight just yet; however I will soon switch back to raw diet again and my sweetie will turn into the vicious live stock hunter once again! :-\

Have your own nutrition tips, tricks or stories? Post yours in the comments!

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