Monday, June 27, 2011

Lessons my cat taught me

I would like to dedicate a series of future posts to the life lessons that I have inadvertently been taught by the lovely cat companions that had the grace of having me in their lives.

Until my lovely foster, I have never had a chance to live with two cats. They have always been living solo, sharing the house with me and my family so for different reasons each time these lessons were less apparent. Now that I had to give up my fostering rights, my mind wondered back to all the great times we've shared together with Cookie Dough and all the lessons I had to learn. I am not regretting though, the times were great, only tainted with the sad feelings of having to let her go back, and now I wish to share them with the rest of the world.

So here's to what will hopefully be a good few, heartfelt posts and to all the lessons our loving felines have taught us!


  1. Whay did you have to give up fostering rights? Nothing bad, we hope.

  2. I was leaving for vacation and couldn't keep her anymore. Life has a funny way of working out though and my parents decided to adopt her in the end!