Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: The Cat Bible - Everything your cat expects you to know

An index of everything cat.

If I had a Cat First Aid kit - which isn't such a bad idea to have! - this book would definitely be the first item I would add.
When I finally seriously decided to start a kitty family, I received this book as a gift to help me "prepare" myself. I have already had a cat before when I was little but that burden fell mostly on my parents. Now I had to face this sweet adversary on my own and the Cat Bible has helped me make sure I have not left any openings for surprises.

For a novice like I me this book went over all the details from kitty beds, litter boxes, and food to a long list of common illnesses, multi-cat/cat-dog homes and common cat behaviours. In a way this book has actually inspired me to run this blog - keep all the kitty fans up to date on all things cats!

In addition, this book would make a great gift to even the more seasoned "cat-servants". Handy advice about nutrition and cat behaviours is great when trying out new products. And pretty substantial list of various illnesses and advice on health are handy when your "master" is feeling under the weather.

The author is not a professional vet but has done research well, providing the reader with her sources (names of vets, organizations and online resources) and always have a link or two for further reading. And it's indeed well worth a read!

Have any other good books to suggest? I'm always on a lookout for a good read so let me know in the comments!

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